Sunday, May 27, 2018

Happy Summer! Resources to prevent the "Summer Slide"...

Dear 2B Families!

Happy Summer!

Miss Smith and I would like to thank you for sharing your children with us this academic year. We marveled at their insight, reveled in their learning, smiled at their kindness and laughed at their humor. We were honored to walk with them as they grew in virtue, emotionally, socially and academically.

Their emotional and social growth will continue naturally throughout the summer. To foster appropriate academic growth, keep children engaged during the summer months to ensure that the brain synapses are firing and the dendrites are growing! Research suggests that sustained practice over a longer period of time aids in the retention of information.

You can ask your child to use math and reading everywhere: playing cards, at the grocery store, watching educational programs such as PBS, keeping score, monitoring sporting statistics, reading maps and billboards, traveling, volunteering, really anything that keeps the mind moving. The longer we do not use a skill or access information in our brains, the more difficult it is to remember the information when we need it. Practice does not have to be boring or involve a worksheet. In fact, the opposite is better!

In order to avoid summer learning loss, all 2nd graders bound for 3rd grade, should do the following regularly:
  1. Read for a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day at their level *Please see below for information about Lexile scores* Your children promised me they will read every day for 30 minutes and not play too many video games :-)
  2. Practice math facts ~ Use 
  3. Write in journals
Any activity that supports these second grade math concepts over the summer will be a benefit to your child’s progress early in their third grade year.
  • Two and three-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
  • Measurement
  • Data & Graphing
  • Geometry 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Two step problem solving (part-part-whole models)
Additionally, the following will help avoid the summer slide:
  • Reading should be a combination of literature and informational text such as biographies, articles, information books and manuals, topic specific books, etc.
  • Practice keyboarding skills ~ the children worked so hard at TypingMaster this year. Typing will continue in 3rd grade.
  • Practice fine motor skills through proper handwriting (Spalding cursive and manuscript)
  • Encourage journal writing including personal narratives, observational writing about experiences, and/or mini-research papers on a topic of their choosing.
Here are some great resources you can use:
Please keep in touch and have beautiful summer!


Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, May 18, 2018

One More Week!

Dear 2B Families,

Only one more week of school? How is that even possible? This year has flown by. Thank you to all of our sweet moms who attended the "Muffins" event this morning! It was a beautiful morning and we were blessed to have you join us. Here are some photos to share:

Next Week in 2B...

Desk Cleaning: Please send your child to school with a sturdy bag so they can take home items from their desk.

Poetry: We will be graded on our recitations of Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield.

Writing and Grammar: We will be writing two friendly letters in class. First, a letter of advice for the first graders. Second, a letter of questions to the third graders! We will classify sentences, showing our expertise with all the parts of speech we have learned this year. We will also be making a sweet memory book.

Literature: We have completed our reading of Little House in the Big Woods! We will bring home our lapbooks.

Spalding: NO Spalding words next week due to the half days and end of year activities.

Science: We will be making SLIME! Wish us luck :-).

History: On Monday, we are taking out final history assessment! It will cover all the Civil Rights Leaders we have learned about in this unit. Please help your child study over the weekend. There was a study guide filled out and sent home on Thursday.

With a Grateful Heart,

Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, May 11, 2018

Two More Weeks!

Dear Sweet 2B Families,

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Especially to all of the sweet 2B moms out there! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get spoiled this Sunday! Don't forget about Muffins with Mom next Friday, May 18th at 8am! We hope to see you there.

Here is a special video message to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thank you for ALL you did to help Miss Smith and I feel so loved and appreciated this week. We absolutely LOVE our jobs and we LOVE getting to spend time with your children. Thank you for blessing us this year!

We enjoyed a lovely performance on Monday from the Phoenix Symphony!

Next Week in 2B...

Writing and Grammar: We will be finishing up and publishing a super secret paragraph!

Literature: Little House in the Big Woods will be completed next week! We will read the very last chapter on Tuesday and complete our lap books. Thank you to all of our parents who have volunteered for reading groups! It has meant so much to our kids.

Spalding Words Next Week: We had an awesome review week last week! We will jump into new words and see if we can identify the rules.
Monday: special, specific, present, present, action, act, justice, just, gentleman, gentle
Tuesday: enclose, await, suppose, wonderful, forward, backward, toward, although, prompt, attempt
Wednesday: whose, who's = who is, who, statement, state, perhaps, their, they, imprison, written, writ
Math: We'll wrap up our last full week with a cumulative review and assessment! Keep an eye out for worksheet homework coming home in your child's "Take home" folder each night this week.
History: We will continue to learn about Civil Rights leaders next week. We will meet Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and César Chávez. We have enjoyed learning about these important people. Ask your child which one of these people they would like to meet. What would they say to them? Look for a study guide coming home on Thursday. The test will be on Monday, May 21.

With A Grateful Heart,
Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, May 4, 2018

Welcome May!

Dear 2B Parents,

WELCOME MAY! We only have three more weeks of school 😭😭😭! Miss Smith and I are not ready for the year to end!

Scholar Shout-Outs:

Happy Birthday Chazley!

Your children did a great job at the Spring Concert on Wednesday. Thank you Miss Weddle for all you do to help us make beautiful music.

Some sweet moments from the week...

Last week, we voted to write our persuasive paragraph about why we need MORE P.E.! Well, GUESS WHAT?! Coach Gethings read it and GRANTED to our humble request! We enjoyed 15 more minutes of P.E. today...Thank you Coach!

Important Upcoming Events:
Monday, May 7: Phoenix Symphony coming to Arete ~ 9am
Friday, May 18: Muffins with Mom @ 8am! Please RSVP to your child's teacher :-)

Clubs: The final day of clubs is Friday, May 11 (exception: K-1 Art).

Next Week in 2B...

Writing and Grammar: We will be working on a super secret paragraph for a very special lady!

Literature: Little House in the Big Woods will continue through reading chapters 11 and 12. We will write about the steps involved with making cheese, be introduced to some new vocabulary, and understand how oats are harvested.

Spalding: Next week we will review some spelling words from the past, focusing on the rules used in each word.
Monday: queen, cent, gentle, hotel, tiny, nearly, words, hopping, driving, pie
Tuesday: shoes, permission, progress, delay, sign, hold, extra, almost, cheerful, bridge
Wednesday: check, June, fixed, summer, male, twelve, once, able, become

Math: We're going to review multiplication and time! Pro-tip: use some car-time this week to quiz your child over their 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 10 multiplication tables.

History: We have a full week of history next week! On Monday, your child will have a study guide coming home for the Immigration and Citizenship test. Please help them study on Monday night, the test is on Tuesday. We will begin our last unit on Civil Rights Leaders talking about Susan B. Anthony, Mary McLeod Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Robinson. Be sure to ask your child how each of these amazing people impacted civil rights.

Science: We are AHEAD of the game in our Science curriculum. Next week we will focus our Science time to complete our History units. Get ready for some awesome STEM activities and possible SLIME making before the end of the year :-).


Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, April 27, 2018

April is Almost Over!

Greetings 2B Families!

April is almost over! Thank you for yet ANOTHER super week in 2B! We celebrated Miss Smith this week. She graduated from GCU with her Bachelors in Educational Studies! Thanks for making her feel special. The ENTIRE 2nd grade made a huge tunnel of love for her, too!

Volunteer Appreciation:

Thank you to all of our AMAZING parent volunteers! We love and appreciate you SO much! Thank you to these two sweet Room Moms for ALL they have done to make this year extra special.

Thank you also to our awesome Friday Folder helpers, Reading Group volunteers, and Math Center helpers! We love you!

Next Week in 2B...

Literature: We will read Chapters 9 & 10 of Little House in the Big Woods.

Writing and Grammar: We are reading a passage from Dr. Dolittle. We will also learn the difference between sentences and fragments. We will continue classifying sentences and write compound sentences, too!

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: entire, president, preside, famous, fame, serve, estate, remember, either, effort
Tuesday: due, dew, include, allow, position, ledge, claim, primary, result, appoint
Wednesday: information, whom, who, arrest, themselves, self, calves, calf, halves, half

Math: Next week in math we will introduce students to geometry! We will talk about vertices, angles, and sides! Have your child identify these geometric shapes within the home. By the end of the week, we will make our own 3-D shapes!

Science: Has your child told you all about Florence Nightingale, Elijah McCoy, and Daniel Hale Williams? We will review them all next week and take a short quiz.

History: We are continuing on with our Immigration and Citizenship unit next week. We will learn about the trials immigrants faced in the 1800's, as well the rights and responsibilities American Citizens have. We will also study three prominent immigrants: Andrew Carnegie, Dr. Albert Sabin, and Irving Berlin. You can ask your child about the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island or listen to some Irving Berlin music next week!


Mrs. Dombrowski