Friday, April 20, 2018

Another Great Week in 2B!

Dear 2B Families,

Another awesome week with your children has come and gone. This year continues to FLY by and I can't believe it. I feel like I just blinked and these children have grown up before our eyes. I can't imagine what that must feel like from the parent perspective 😀. Miss Smith and I are already so proud of your kiddos and how hard they've worked this year, and continue to work, to finish this year STRONG!

Scholar Shout-Outs:

Happy Birthday Mason!

Happy Birthday Drew!

Fun in P.E. with Coach Gethings!

Last week when learning about Elijah McCoy we learned the phrase THE REAL McCOY! Well, when I showed your children a picture of Florence Nightingale's lamp at a London museum the children asked, "Is that the REAL McCoy?" My teacher heart just filled up with joy! I love seeing them make connections in their learning.

*An important note from our French teachers*

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The summer is fast approaching, and with it the end of the school year! While we in the French team are excited for the break, we’re even more eager to gear up for next year—and a major part of gearing up is taking care of our books.

Unlike other class materials, which go home with our scholars, the French activity book will live on campus during the summer. In the next five weeks, we will be labeling and collecting these books for safekeeping. We want our Les Loustics program, which serves students for 2 consecutive years, to be ready and waiting for scholars when they return. During the summer, we invite scholars and families to use their French notebooks and online resources to review all material taught throughout the year.

If you plan to move to another Great Hearts Academy, especially one which follows the Les Loustics program, please contact the French team by email before the end of May to request your books. If you plan to change school networks, or if your child will not be using Les Loustics level 1 or 2 at their academy, we ask kindly that you donate it to Arete where it will surely serve a child in need. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in this matter.

The French Teachers,

Madame Gebara
Monsieur Gaudin

Next Week in 2B...

Writing and Grammar: We will write persuasive paragraphs that focus on a specific audience. Will your audience be convinced?

Literature: Little House in the Big Woods will continue through reading chapters 7 & 8. We'll talk about how Laura escaped from the bear and learn all about sugar snow and the steps for making maple syrup.

Spalding Words Next Week: Only 20 due to no school on Monday.
Tuesday: select, connection, connect, firm, region, religion, convict, private, command, debate
Wednesday: crowd, factory, publish, represent, term, section, relative, relate, progress, progress

Math: We are spending much of this week working on reviewing some of the concepts we have not covered for a little while and will also spend some time focusing on word problems!

Science: Daniel Hale Williams is our next and last important person to learn about in our biography unit! Daniel Hale Williams was an African-American doctor who performed the first successful open heart surgery! He was a surgeon who helped set up a teaching hospital in Chicago. It was the first hospital in Chicago to have African-American doctors and nurses on its staff. ALL patients were treated well there. We have truly enjoyed learning about these important people in Science and discussing the virtues they each possessed.

History: We will take our test over the Civil War. Please help your child study for it over the weekend. We will also begin our unit on Immigration and Citizenship! Ask your child to tell you the four reasons people wanted to come to America (food, freedom, opportunity, and land).


Mrs. D

P.S. My sweet nephew was born early Sunday morning! Andrew Thomas has arrived :-)! As you can see my niece is smitten...

Friday, April 13, 2018

April Allergies!

Dear 2B Families,

Happy Weekend! Are your allergies going crazy too?! We had a few kiddos stay indoors today due to the wind and pollen in the air. I'm loving the nice weather but not the allergies that come along with it :-).

Here are a few fun scholar shout-outs to share!

Camy was our virtue award winner for March ~ Perseverance! Great work Camy!

Our scholars just love reciting poetry on their chair! Landon and Aidan did a great job with this!

These girls stayed after the bell to tidy up the classroom! They even left sharp pencils on each desk for Monday! Thank you Lily, Olivia, and Sydney!

Sweet scholars playing...

Next Week in 2B...

Literature: We will read Chapters 5 and 6 of Little House in the Big Woods. We will compare and contrast an important holiday in our own family to the Ingall's holiday. We'll learn about Grandpa and the PIG!

Writing and Grammar: We will add the last part of speech to our question and answer flow for this year ~ CONJUNCTIONS! Conjunction junction, what's your function? We will also be reading an excerpt from The Magic of Oz by Frank L. Baum!

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: laughter, laugh, lining, line, ocean, nephew, nineteen, noticed, notice, passengers
Tuesday: remained, retreating, style, subtract, tailor, thumb, trial, voyage, whisper, wrong
Wednesday: sometimes, engage, final, finally, terrible, surprise, period, addition, employ, property

Math: We will begin a new unit on graphs and tables. We will learn how to compare graphs, use tally marks, and create our very own graph too!

History: We are finishing up our Civil War unit this week. Ask your child why Clara Barton was called The Angel of the Battlefield. Look for a study guide to come home on Friday!

Science: We will learn about a special woman, a nurse, named Florence Nightingale. She was also known as The Lady with the Lamp. Florence always believed that her life had a special purpose and that she was meant to help others. Be sure to ask your child how she accomplished this!


Mrs. Dombrowski

P.S. Personal note to share 😀...My sweet friend of 15 years asked Mr. D and I to be Godparents for her baby girl. Here's a picture of us last Saturday at her Baptism! It was a beautiful day!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Hello April!

Dear 2B Families,

We had a super first week of April!

Scholar Shout-Outs:

Happy Birthday Lily (3/31)!

Fun March Birthday Lunch last week...

Happy Birthday Emmett (4/1)!

Sweet teamwork in action by Jonathan and Diego! The students love to be in charge of changing our daily schedule.

Payten demonstrated her mental math strategies for our classroom with two word problems! Thank you Payten!

Next Week in 2B...

Fine Arts and French Night: It is our great pleasure to invite you to our annual Fine Arts and French Night, an evening showcasing our students' excellent work in the arts this year! This event will take place on Wednesday, April 11th. There will only be one session this year from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Parking will be available on campus and at The Falls. Our students have made great strides this academic year in both French and Fine Art, and we cannot wait for you to come get a glimpse of the beauty they have created on this special occasion. Come enjoy French performances, art workshops, student work, and snacks! This is a casual event, so uniforms are not required. We hope to see you there!
Book Reports (Visors) are due on Monday! I'm excited to see the kids wearing their visors to school on Monday!

Poetry: Students will be assessed on their recitation of Lincoln by Nancy Byrd Turner next week. Please ask your child to recite this poem in the car, at the dinner table, or in front of their stuffed animals or real animals (any kind of audience will work) :-).

Writing and Grammar: We're writing our next paragraph moving from two main points to THREE main points! If you'd like to help your child get started this weekend ask them to tell you about their 3 favorite activities :-)!

Literature: We will be reading chapters 3 and 4 of Little House in the Big Woods.

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: reply, sail, sale, cities, city, known, know, several, desire, nearly
Tuesday: too (more than, also), two (2), to, animal, basin, breeze, button, cabbage, careful, cough
Wednesday: cousin, dollars, excuse, excuse, island, grief, guard, guilty, hungry, language *NO Homework for these words on Wednesday

Math: We will conclude our unit on capacity and take a cumulative test over the units we have studied thus far on Friday. Please keep a sharp eye out for a study guide coming home on Thursday! (Sidenote: There will be no homework this Wednesday to celebrate our Fine Arts Night. Hope to see you there!)

Science: Our unit on biographies will begin by studying a man named Elijah McCoy. Have you ever heard the phrase: The REAL McCoy? What is something you prefer to have the real McCoy of?

History: We continue our study of the Civil War this week. Your children will learn about Abraham Lincoln, his views on slavery, and how he contributed to the start of the Civil War. Ask your child to tell you about the differences between two famous Generals: Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant.


Mrs. Dombrowski

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Field Trip FUN!

Dear 2B Families,

We survived our Field Trip! WOO HOO! Thank you to all of our parents who chaperoned today! It was a BLAST! We couldn't have done it without you! Here are a few pictures...I'll share more soon!

Next Week in 2B...

Writing and Grammar: We will start a new unit on dictionary skills! We will be Dictionary Daredevils! We will become alphabetical order experts, and learn to use guide words. We will also read a few tall tales!

Literature: Please send in a copy of our newest novel: Little House in the Big Woods. We will discuss the setting and how it relates to us in Arizona. We will outline the 5 main characters in the story. After reading we will discuss how Laura’s house and our homes differ. We will learn the steps of food preservation. Ask your literature master what the vocabulary word ‘headcheese’ means!

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: Mrs. = Mis tress, Mr. = Mis ter, Miss, husband, amount, human, view, clerk, though, o'clock = o(f the) clock
Tuesday: support, does, goes, Tuesday, regard, escape, since, which, witch
Wednesday: length, long, strength, strong, destroy, newspaper, daughter, naughty, caught, taught, answer

Math: This week are officially beginning our new unit on capacity. We will begin discussing various units of measurement beginning with liters and then moving toward cups, quarts, gallons, etc.!

Science: We will be assessed on our understanding of magnets. We will fill out a study guide on Tuesday. Please help your child review. We will take a short quiz on Thursday.

History: We had the best field trip to the Pioneer Museum! We will wrap up with a test over Westward Expansion on Wednesday. Look for a study guide coming home on Monday. Our next unit will be about the Civil War. The first lesson will be on slavery, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Harriet Tubman.

With a Grateful Heart,

Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, March 23, 2018

Q4 is HERE!

Dear 2B Families,

Quarter 4 is HERE! Can you believe it? Miss Smith and I are hoping to start and finish this quarter on a strong note. Thank you for reinforcing this idea at home ~ hard work and dedication will get us to the finish line! We are not spending time worrying about the future (or talking about 3rd grade) but focused on the present and how we can be our best self right NOW in this moment together. Have patience...we're not finished yet :-). It will be a great end to our year together!

Field Trip: Our field trip to the Pioneer Living History Museum is on Thursday, March 29! We will be leaving at 8:15 am and returning around 2:00. Please be sure your child brings the following: 
  • Sack lunch (everything should be able to be thrown out after eating) 
  • Disposable water bottle 
  • Wear tennis shoes and sunblock 
  • Hat & sunglasses (optional)
Next Week in 2B...

Literature: Sarah, Plain and Tall, has come to an end! We will review important events we read about. Please send your child to school with a copy of our last novel: Little House in the Big Woods. Don't forget that book reports are due April 9th!

Writing and Grammar: We will continue to practice all parts of speech by classifying sentences and apply these skills to our writing. Our story for next week is from Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jeansson. We will focus on the use of commas in direct quotes and how adverbs modify verbs.

Spalding Words:
Monday: importance, important, carried, carry, loss, fortune, empire, mayor, wait, degree
Tuesday: prison, engine, visit, guest, guessed, guess, department, obtain, family, favor
Wednesday: REVIEW *No School Friday, Test Thursday

Math: We are officially completing our unit over time and will take our unit assessment on Wednesday. Be sure to keep an out for a study guide coming home on Tuesday to review with your child before the test. Thank you!

History: Your child will learn about early jobs in the wild west this week: ranchers, cowboys, and miners. We will also talk about the negative impact westward expansion had on the Native American tribes living in those territories. As we wrap up this unit, we will travel to the Pioneer Living History Museum!

Science: Our exploration of magnets will continue as we investigate magnetic fields through using iron filings. We will also explore how magnets attract and repel.


Mrs. Dombrowski

Friday, March 9, 2018

Happy Spring Break 2B!

Dear 2B Families,

Happy Spring Break! I hope you all enjoy this time with family and friends!

Scholar Shout-Outs:

We will miss you Lyza! Thank you for being a friend to everyone in 2B!

Happy Birthday to Kaelyn (3/14)! Thank you for the cupcakes today!

We designed leprechaun traps in Science using all of the simple machines we've learned about! Their group designs were impressive!

Field Trip Time!
Our field trip to the Pioneer Living History Museum is on Thursday, March 29! We will be leaving at 8:15 am and returning around 2:00. Be on the lookout for a permission slip coming home in your child's homework folder. If you would like to chaperone this fun field trip, please email me by Monday, March 19. Please be sure your child brings the following:
  • Sack lunch (everything should be able to be thrown out after eating)
  • Disposable water bottle
  • Wear tennis shoes and sunblock
  • Hat & sunglasses (optional)
Literature: After Spring Break we will read Chapters 7-9 of Sarah, Plain and Tall. We will talk about what it means to be homesick and learn what the word "ayuh" means. We'll also find out why Sarah wants to learn to drive the wagon.

Writing and Grammar: We will jump back into paragraph writing when we return from Spring Break!

Spalding Words Next Week (20 words only due to No School on 3/19):
Tuesday: enjoy, awful, awesome, awe, usual, usually, complaint, complained, complain, auto
Wednesday: vacation, beautiful, beauty, flight, travel, rapid, repair, troubling, trouble, entrance

Math: We are going to spend a little more time this week reviewing our current unit on telling time before we begin a new unit on capacity.

Science: We will start a new unit about MAGNETS! See if your child can notice the many ways magnets are used at home.

History: Upon our return from Spring Break, we will learn about why and how pioneers traveled west. Your child will discuss the Oregon Trail, California gold rush, and the Transcontinental Railroad. Ask your child how the Pony Express worked. Our Pioneers are gearing up for their field trip to the Pioneer Living History Museum on March 29!


Mrs. Dombrowski

P.S. Last weekend my mom, grandma, and I enjoyed the Phoenix Symphony!

Friday, March 2, 2018

March is HERE!

Dear 2B Families,

Welcome March! What a fun week we've had in 2nd grade! Our cursive is really IMPRESSIVE! Only one more week of school until SPRING BREAK which means the end of Quarter 3! This year has FLYING by!

Scholar Shout-Outs:

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Miss Smith has been doing an incredible job teaching us about Simple Machines in Science! Here are a few fun photos to share of the experiments they've been conducting!

Book Reports are due Monday! We will also assign new chapter books and books next week.

Literature: What has your child been sharing with you about Sarah, Plain and Tall? Next week we will learn more about the characters through reading chapters 4-6. We are working on context clues with new vocabulary words, and we will write an advertisement (WANTED Ad) for someone we would love to have in our own life. This assignment is sure to be quite interesting :-).

Writing and Grammar: We will read an excerpt from The Elephant's Child and practice classifying sentences.

Spelling Words Next Week:
Monday: holiday, holy, knee, lemon, lying, lie, nails, needle, nobody, oar
Tuesday: palace, penny, regular, repeats, sailor, sentence, shining, shine, surface, sweeping, sweeps
Wednesday: thief, waist, waste, waiting, weary (weak), writing, writer, write, spend

Math: We begin a new unit this week on time! We will begin to tell time to each 5 minute interval, the quarter and half hour, and we will also discuss the importance of being able to tell time. "Better late than never!"

History: Your children took home a study guide for the War of 1812 on Friday. Please help them study for Monday's test. We will be starting a new unit on Wednesday! Welcome to the Wild West! We will begin our study of Americans moving west. Ask your pioneer about different ways people traveled during this time.

Science: We are finishing up our simple machines unit with a closer look at some machines that your child might be familiar with around your neighborhood! If they have a bicycle, skateboard, or other ways to get around, have them point out the parts they have learned in class. They are all connected!


Mrs. Dombrowski

P.S. Auntie life is awesome!!!